Travel Blogger launches “Island Life” sunglasses filter to help you look cool for the Summer

As you know, I’m entrenched in the blogging community and care about the emerging trends particularly in Jamaica. Kylie Jenner launched her lip kit IG filter in November 2018, and got IG buzzing as everyone was trying out the new lippies. As Instagram continues to fight with SnapChat for attention, creating new features will continue to pop up to engage users. So when my fellow blogger, Jhunelle Jureidini of decided to launch her an IG filter for the summer, I thought it was a great marketing ploy to get some eyes on her travel blog.

IG filters was one of the Social Media trends I predicted to emerge in 2019, and I’m surprised that more Jamaican brands have not jumped on this bandwagon. In May 2018, Instagram launched a program through Spark AR Community that would allow brands, public figures, celebrities and popular creators to create their own custom filters. It’s a beta program with around 20,000 users, so expect more filters to be launched in the coming months. After two initial project trials and denials, Jhunelle continued to build on her new knowledge. The third time proved to be the charm when her ‘Tropic Shades’ lens got a stamp of approval on June 20th.

Anyone can access the filter, just go to camera mode and tap the smiley face on the far right side of the capture button. Rihanna shined bright like a diamond with hers in honor of her Diamond Ball in late 2018. Other popular AR filters have come from Ariana Grande, NBA and Kylie Jenner with her lip kit colors.

Today’s world is much more familiar with augmented reality (AR) as the technology develops. AI is usually a computer-generated image or animation on a user’s view, often for entertainment purposes. Facial-detecting AR gained much popularity after their filter inclusion on the Snapchat social media platform in 2015, and even more so when later adopted by Instagram and Facebook.  Jhunelle has seen potential in this growing trend and created a custom face filter which is now publicly available on Instagram.

Always keeping up with the latest digital marketing technology, Jhunelle learned that third-party filters would soon be accessible to companies worldwide.

Her face-detection AR sunglasses frame is placed over users’ eyes in the rasta colours, red, green, and gold topped with the phrase ‘ISLAND LIFE’. It’s meant to provide a tropical vibe to anyone, no matter where in the world they are. To access the exclusive ‘Tropic Shades’, Instagram users would be required to follow her blog’s Instagram page then select the effect from the collection of facial recognition filters.

“I’m always looking for new ways to promote Brand Jamaica,” she stated. “Creating custom ig filters is a unique way brands get to show their personality while buidling brand loyalty.” Jhunelle will offer augmented reality filters to brands once Instagram makes it widely available. 

Jhunelle offers exclusive discounts and travel tips to locals and tourists about Jamaica through her blog at .Try her instagram filter by following her and accessing the filter menu.

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