Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: The Evolution of the Tmrw.Tday Movement Part I

Tmrrw.Tday is fast becoming a popular wellness music festival for Jamaicans and tourists alike.


Part I

A few years ago, on the shores of the bohemian beach village of Negril in Jamaica, a collective, calling themselves a tribe, invited the world to join them for a week at the Tmrw.Tday Festival. The invitation extended was to spend a few days together exploring all the ways they could make choices today to create a better tomorrow, for themselves and the planet, through music, love, wellness, food and connectivity, to each other and the world. That annual invitation still stands.

The three men who fathered the Tmrw.Tday Festival are almost impossible to pin down. With the thousand and one details they deal with in their myriad ventures, we go back and forth trying to pin down a date where I can get them all in a room. I have visions of sharing a beer and having a few laughs while I barrage them with questions about…

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