My Apology

On May 10, 2018, I saw a tweet on my Twitter timeline referring to an internship at a prominent Jamaican financial institution from someone’s personal Twitter account. The tweet asked that people send resumes to the person at his corporate email address. When I looked at the person’s Twitter account, I was surprised that they had pinned a tweet (set a tweet to appear above all other tweets from the account) which was of a sexually explicit nature. I was a bit surprised, and thought to myself, this really is an issue which brands should discuss with their employees, regarding what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, and which should be embodied in a corporate social media policy.

In my opinion, when the person (@iThinkethMuch) tweeted that resumes could be sent to him, it implies that he represents the company. The content of social media accounts representing a company must usually abide by the company’s social media policy. I did not believe that the financial services company (@JMMBGroup) would want a sexually explicit pinned tweet associated with their brand on social media and I thought I should bring it to their attention.

I then publicly brought (via a tweet from my account) what I consider to be an inappropriate tweet associated with corporate entity, to the attention of that corporate entity. While (@JMMBGroup) thanked me for bringing the matter to their attention and assured me that it would be dealt with according to their policies, and the gentleman (@iThinkethMuch) also removed the pinned sexually explicit tweet from his account, I do realize (albeit after the fact) that that was not the best approach to take to deal with the situation, and I hereby publicly apologize to the individual (@iThinkethMuch), and to the corporate entity, (@JMMBGroup).

There have also been many public reactions via social media to this situation, including many which presumed that I had malicious intent. Let me state categorically that I do not know this gentleman (@iThinkethMuch) nor do I bank with the institution, so I have no motive to wish ill intent, nor did I do so.

I know within myself that my intentions were pure, but, again, I do see now that I erred in my approach to raising this with (@iThinkethMuch) and (@JMMBGroup), and for this I again apologize. I hope that (@JMMBGroup) has only used this situation as an opportunity to reinforce their social media policy with all employees, and that the employment record of (@iThinkethMuch) was not adversely affected, and that he will also accept this apology and recognize that this was not a personal attack on him.


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