Interview with Dean Morris: The Vinelist


What is the Vinelist?
The Vinelist is a unique way to find the stores who have what you want to buy without the hassle of leaving home or doing an extensive search yourself.
How does it work?
Currently by visiting the site and clicking “Sign in/Signup” you’ll be lead to a sign p form where you can sign to the vinelist. You can then upload a picture, link or search for an image that matches what you’re looking for. Then you enter the description of a product you’re interested in.
 The system then searches through known merchants who would best meet those wants, and notifies the customer with their stocks and promotions. Hundreds of users have already signed up and requests are submitted daily, evidence to the fact that a demand for the service is existent.
As a consumer how can I benefit from the Vinelist?
 We’re making life easier for our users. The convenience of not having to search for items, to spend possible hours on the road looking for that phone case or even that dress for that event. We’re allowing our users to never settle for anything less than they want, while making their lives easier.
As a business owner how can listing with the Vinelist improve business?
 The Lifeblood of any business is sales. We enable businesses to make sales by informing users of your product offering when the business reply to a want.
We’re fundamentally aimed at solving problems that merchants face every day; a depletion in foot traffic and sales. As websites like Amazon continue to grow and local couriers make it easier for consumers to purchase and ship products online, merchants who sell the same products locally are losing business simply because not enough people know they exist.
Merchants seeking to establish an online presence and securing the fraction of the market that is tech based can utilize the portal to meet their own target market, and execute marketing and promotional strategies. The first official release of the product aims to host several value added features such as a social interface that allows consumers to share, interact and exchange wants, a smart keyword library to notify merchants of new demands, as well as key data points used to understand the demands of the market; valuable data for the growing business.
 For now the team is using its beta to learn what values are important to both consumers and merchants so that they can keep building the right product for the current market.
How many businesses have signed on so far? How many are you projecting will sign on in the future?
 So far 15 businesses  have signed up, and based of the projections that we have made,in  2016 this number will increase to about 50 as our capacity increases.
Is it mostly clothing apparel and shoes? What other items are you looking to include?
For now, Fashion and Technology has been our major focus. But we sometimes get some want that are outside which we fulfill happily because  it helps to validate our business model. As the wants for an industry become more focused and if the data we have gathered points to a particular industry or sector we will invite the player of that industry on to our platform.

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