YouTube Show called Bredin Code Makes Waves

Have you ever heard of the MTV show, “Guy Code”? It’s a basically a show that discusses things that appeal to men, everything from, “how to break up with a girl” to hygiene tips and the list goes on.

Online Influencing Offline

A few Jamaican friends decided to come together to start their own online tv show, called “Bredrin Code”. What makes this even more interesting is that it’s not just for laughs. These kids are using the show to promote their party on July 30th at the Quad. This shows the ingenious way online can influence offline. Watch one of the episodes below:

1 Comment

  1. Like the concept, happy they are getting some traction. Vids a bit too long – I wouldn’t stick around to see a promo at the end. They should take more cues from Guy Code and use shorter, funny/entertaining/shocking snippets and mix and match them, rather than long 2-3 min clips from each person.


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