How Do You Do Social: Christopher Lai : “The Lai Detector”

971506_10201383913101056_1160943589_nStats on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook likes  – 6,796 at the time of writing

Blog hits – over  391,567 (began blogging December 2013)

My eBook, The Lai Detector, made the top 100 on Amazon’s bestseller list for the category Love, Sex & Marriage 

 How has social media helped your career?

“It’s hard to imagine winning Best Writing on a Blog at the Caribbean Blog Award without the use of social media. Facebook, in particular, helped to expand my readership as viewers liked, shared and commented on my articles. Additionally, social media easily facilitated communication between myself and readers… we discussed issues about relationships and learned from each other.”

And last question, what advice would you give others trying to make a name for themselves?

“As an unknown writer, you will get the run around — the opportunities won’t exactly be pouring in. But that’s okay. If it’s your passion, just keep writing. Don’t do it just for the recognition, don’t do it for the fame, don’t do it for money. If you’re consistent in what you do, in this day and age with the help of social media you will be noticed.”

Christopher Lai received an award for Best Writing on a Blog at the Caribbean Blog Awards this past December for his blog, “Living the Lai”. Be sure to follow him on facebook at and check out his ebook, “The Lai Detector” is available on 

One thought on “How Do You Do Social: Christopher Lai : “The Lai Detector”

  1. Big ups to Lai… He has a very interesting take on relationship scenarios. Can’t say I saw this coming from school days lol


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