Digital Trends of Summer 2014


School is out, the weather is hotter and people are in the mood to have fun! Kids have hours to spend with their friends, taking pictures and posting “selfies” on Instagram.  No matter where you are in the world, check out these cool digital trends for the summer:

Instagram: With Instagram boasting 7 million users daily, brands are now not just talking about their products but the lifestyle their brand portrays. This summer, you are finding companies showing how their products can be integrated into summer fun! Companies like Target are showing how you can use everything you can find in their stores to make your summer more enjoyable.

Hashtags: Hashtags are here to stay and for the summer, social media aficionados are taking advantage of popular hashtags like #summervacay, #100DaysofSummer, #FeelingDrake and variations of the selfie like #usie. If you’ve been travelling for the summer, you’re more than likely going to include the hashtag of the country or town you’ve visited.

Mobile Apps: Mobile apps continue to serve as a source of entertainment and knowledge for many kids and adults alike. Many are spending hours playing the new Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game in which you can rise to fame by dating stars and filming endorsement commercials. Its the fourth most downloaded free app on iTunes this summer. Be sure to check it out! I’ve been playing it all week.

Snap Chat: With 26 million users in the U.S. and over 400 million snaps per day, marketers should definitely consider including SnapChat in their efforts especially if they are targeting the tween market.

What are some of your favourite digital trends or apps you’ve been using during the summer?


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