How you tweet @Tessanne tells so much about you

@Tessanne has captured Jamaican’s hearts over the past few weeks with her musical renditions on The Voice. Many Jamaicans at home and abroad have rallied together to support her through social media.

Several companies have also jumped on the Tessanne train, sharing Jamaica’s sentiments of love and support.

However, when a brand or company’s social media manager gets so caught up in the competition and forgets who they are representing – where do you draw the line? Are companies or brands entitled to express a clear distaste for a particular contestant or song?

I understand the need for engagement,  but posting negative comments about other contestants is very unprofessional. Companies shouldn’t show dissatisfaction so intently that they risk alienating their core audience. Remember, you are managing not only reputation, you are representing Brand Jamaica.


Jamaica Tourist Board: Taking Smiley Face to the Streets

Courtesy of Jamaica Tourist Board Facebook Page
Courtesy of Jamaica Tourist Board Facebook Page

On November 15th, 2013, Jamaica Tourist Board took to the streets of Time Square, New York releasing a massive yellow giant stress ball, with the caption that read,” The Giant Stress Ball, A little gift from Jamaica.”

This giant stress ball boasted a big smiley face which has been synonymous with happiness and peace for decades. It was actually invented by a man named Harvey Ball in 1964. Since then, the smiley face has gone on to be on t-shirts and  in movies. So what better way to show people that the best way to release the stress of their everyday life is to take a trip to Jamaica?

This is exactly what we need. No pictures of a blue sky, or people smiling and swimming in the sea– just a big yellow smiley face staring right at you in the middle of the chaos of Time Square.

And what was even more nifty were the party favours that were handed out that read, “You don’t need a ball. You need an island.”

When you talk about Brand Jamaica, showcasing Jamaica’s attributes is one thing (the sun, the sea, etc.) but appealing to someone’s basic need, such as relieving stress is something that can be appreciated by just about anyone.

Facebook: The New Bible for Marketers

Many employers have a strict no Facebook rule in the workplace but when you work in the world of marketing, isn’t being on Facebook crucial to learning about your brands? It’s a lot like research– it is essential to know what brands and their competitors are doing online.

Photo Courtesy of Mashable


More and more the integrated marketing approach is the strategy for many brands who have a tight marketing budget. With traditional media not getting to their core target audiences, why not exercise the right to new media?

Facebook is more informative than your traditional media as its customized to fit your interests. From births to obituaries, weddings to anniversaries, birthdays and other social events of the season– Facebook shows you what the brands you love are doing in every capacity. From sale promotions, product launches and brand building efforts, it’s all on there.