Where do all the Dead People on Facebook go?

Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post

Where do all the dead people on Facebook go? An acquaintance of mine recently passed away and many of my friends’ profile pictures changed in honor of him. Sweet gesture I thought but, I couldn’t help but wonder –is Facebook counting these profiles in their numbers?

You can actually report a deceased person if you wish. Go to Facebook Help page to Report a Deceased Person.

Most people choose to leave their beloved’s profile up in a way to remember and celebrate their lives. Facebook advises that you must report the profile and they will find ways to protect the deceased.


Tweens and Facebook

Facebook recently changed their policy to allow 13-17 year olds to post publicly on Facebook. Which is fairly interesting because many of their tween market has shuffled to Instagram.

The whole idea of giving a tween such freedom is quite scary. With the incredible popularity of Twitter and Instagram among the teen market many people might wonder if this is just another attempt to get them to go back to using Facebook more often.

In all honesty, I prefer Instagram for my tween. Even though she’s allowed post pictures with location, her profile can be very private and unlike your Facebook you’re allowed some anonymity.