10 things You can Learn from Mad Men

Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with Mad Men. Having worked in Advertising for many years, I totally relate to the “I am God” persona of Creative Director Don Draper and the “snooty” attitudes of Account Executives Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell. If you have a chance you should watch the show — here are a few things I learned from Mad Men:

1. The idea will come. It may not come at the moment you want it but it will come when you least expect.
2.  Having to be “creative” all the time can be draining.
3. The Secretary or the Production Manager is the one who runs the office.
4. Dressing well does help.
5. The one with the most power is the usually the weakest. Creative always wins, didn’t you know?
6. Having a scotch at 10 am never helps, wait till after 5 like everyone else.
7. There is always that one guy who thinks he knows everything and usually he doesn’t.
8. Advertising is a man’s world.
9. Never EVER sleep with your boss.Unless you speak French.(Those who watch the show will understand)
10. Realize you may never get a “thank you”. “That’s what the money is for!”.

Oh and realize if you work in Advertising you will have no life.

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